Editor’s Notebook #102

Hello, readers! I hope that your weeks have gone smoothly and – if you’re a student – that the semester is wrapping up well for you. Before we go through the posts from the blog this past week, I want to make an exciting announcement. The fourth issue of the Jet Fuel Review is now online! A huge thanks to everyone who contributed to this issue and who helped put it together. I encourage you to check out the fourth issue and peruse the amazing writers and artists we have featured this time around. And now, onto the posts!

To begin the week, my writing advice post covered one of Neil Gaiman’s rules of writing, namely that you should read your writing. It sounds like simple common sense to read back what you’ve put on the page, but it’s a very important step in the editing process. I would advise everyone to read their writing aloud to catch mistakes and missteps in consistency. Mike’s Horror Blog discussed The Walking Dead video game this week, which is an offshoot of the highly popular television show and graphic novel.

This week’s discussion post was a fun one covering another Awesome Literary Thing: hidden bookshelf doors! The poem from Slate this week was Little Killing Ditty, by Christian Wiman. As always, I recommend checking out the poem on the Slate website to hear the poet read their work aloud. And to finish up the week, Lucas wrote about typographical errors (namely one in a 1631 publication of the Bible) in his Bibliophilia column.

Thanks for reading our posts this week, and I hope you stay tuned for more next week. And don’t forget to check out the fourth issue of the Jet Fuel Review!

— Mary Egan, Jet Fuel Blog Editor


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