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Hidden Bookcase Doors

Okay, so we here at the Jet Fuel Review blog are still feeling a bit slow after the Thanksgiving holiday. You are, too? That’s great news, because we just want to talk about some hidden bookcase doors.

Let’s all be honest with ourselves — for bibliophiles, the goal is to have an amazingly large library in our homes one day. Am I right? But once you achieve that greatness and have your library that rivals the library in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, where do you go from there? Well, friends, there is a tumblr blog out there with pages and pages of the answer to that question. When you have your amazing library, you must of course invest in hidden bookcase doors. They’ve got everything a lavish home needs. They imbue a certain creepiness to any room where they’re installed, they provide the perfect hiding place for a game of hide-and-seek when the Havishams have come for the weekend, and  – if you’re willing to invest in some smoke bombs – they provide a quick and creative getaway from any awkward conversation. Hidden bookcase doors can conceal any number of places or things – it’s all up to you and your creative mind.

These doors can be innocent, simply concealing an extra bedroom, or they can be more secretive to hide your secret lair.Hidden bookcase doors can also be practical, of course. They can hide away an extra bed for when guests come to stay, cover up your unsightly laundry machine, hide the pantry where you keep your groceries (this can be a great way to impress guests who’ve come for dinner), or be a really awesome entrance for a rec room. That last one happens to be my favorite.

What’s your favorite use for hidden bookcase doors? How else would you customize your dream library? Let’s all lounge in our holiday hangovers and talk about awesome literary things in the comments!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan

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