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I’ve just finished The Walking Dead, a video game based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman. It was a harrowing, emotional journey, and I’m glad I took it. The premise, as hinted by the title, involves a zombie apocalypse taking place in the United States, with the story on Lee Everett, a convict from Macon, Georgia. After getting in an accident on his way to prison, Lee discovers most of the population has been turned into zombies. He finds a young girl named Clementine, who is looking for her parents, last heard from in Savannah. The two decide to try and find help, or at least find a way to survive.

The best aspect of the game is Lee’s role as a father figure to Clementine, and how it makes the player want to protect her. You’ll be doing your damnedest to make sure she doesn’t get hurt in any way. While you’ll meet other characters and form connections with them, your primary concern is going to be Clementine.

This being a game about a zombie apocalypse, there will be times where you‘ll have to put survival over morality – it was surprising how difficult some of the choices could be, and there are some moments where you’ll be heartbroken, but it’s still worth playing. I wish more games had this sort of effort put into them.

— Michael Malan, Blogger

Editor’s Note:  Mike Malan recently graduated from Lewis University with a degree in English with a sub-speciality in Creative Writing.  Mike especially enjoys writing gothic, Poe and all things that chill your bones. He is a dark writer but you can find him dabbling in politics. He is also interested in the editing process and hopes that you will enjoy his work.


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