Editor’s Notebook #99

Thanks for sticking with us here at the blog for another week! Our apologies if posts were a bit spare this week, but we’re choosing to blame it on our civic obligation to go out and vote. And we hope you did your duty, too! For now, let’s take a look at what was posted here during the past week.

We began, as usual, with a writing advice post that talked about how writers should love the characters they’re writing. After all, if you don’t love these people you’re writing about, readers won’t either! Mike’s horror blog talked about Re-Animator, what he called a horror-comedy film. Lucas’ Film Corner of the week focused on the problem of film franchises overstaying their welcome.

This post comes on the heels of the news that Disney has now bought the Star Wars franchise. What do you think about this new acquisition by Disney? Head over to Lucas’ post and leave your thoughts in a comment. Mark’s Awesome Word of the week was bellicoseAnd Linda returned with her Ekphrastic blog which, this week, drew inspiration from the films Lady Eve and Inside. If you’re a film buff looking for writing inspiration, check out her post!

We hope to see you here next week for more interesting posts!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan

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