Mark’s Awesome Word of the Week


Another feature of many awesome words (as opposed to many an un-awesome word) is the simplicity of their concepts. Not only do some words have a concept that’s really easy to wrap one’s mind around, but it’s a concept you already know. Much like last week’s word, we’ll look, now, at a word for something you undoubtedly experience all the time.

You have, in all likelihood, met folks who are just determined to get into a quarrel about everything and anything. While there are surely instances where the odd bit of sparring is warranted, that’s not what motivates these bellicose (BELL’ih’kohs) individuals. It would be hard to find fault with someone who felt like fighting if suddenly set upon by some uncouth street mugger, but self-defensiveness does not make one bellicose. Rather, the desire to turn any disagreement into a fight—or to turn ordinary conversation into disagreement—indicates that a person is bellicose.

To be bellicose is to be combative, inclined to fight. Some definitions go so far as to use the word “eager”.

Should you be confronted with someone who seems to find a way to turn anything into a battle, feel free to tell them to quit being so bellicose. It’s likely that they won’t know what you mean, but that’s alright; they probably wouldn’t change their ways even if they did.

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Mark Jacobs. Mark is Jet Fuel Review’s prose editor. He is an Aviation major, but the left side of his brain is an avid writer. Mark is a junior and works a few hours a week as a tutor in the Writing Center.

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