Editor’s Notebook #95

To begin this week’s Editor’s Notebook, I would like to remind you all that tomorrow, October 15th is the deadline for submitting to the Jet Fuel Review’s fall issue. If, by some chance, you’re reading this post before midnight on Sunday, then do visit the Jet Fuel Review website and submit your poetry, fiction, non-fiction, or art. But if you’re reading this on Monday morning, the clock has unfortunately ran out. Thanks to everyone who sent in their work and we hope to have acceptance and rejection notices sent out soon.  With that reminder out of the way, let’s take a look at what the blog had to offer this week!

The week began with a Writing Advice post about trying scary things in terms of writing or any creative pursuit. This is the season of Halloween and spooky things, after all, so take some frightening steps with your creating and see where it takes you. Mike’s horror blog this week discussed the film Videodromedirected by David Cronenberg. Christine’s Movie Macabre covered the film Carnival of Souls and feminism. In his Film Corner, Lucas talked about watching films on TV rather than in the theater. And Mark’s Awesome Word of the week was histrionics

Thanks for reading the blog this week, thanks for submitting to the Review if you did, and I hope you return for more fun blog posts here next week!

— Jet Fuel Blog Editor, Mary Egan

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