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A Hello to Horror

Greetings to my readers – both horror film fans and those whose curiosity calls for creepiness! Have you ever watched a horror film that had a profound effect on you, other than terrifying you? Did the film have some interesting camerawork, or bloody-good color usage? Are you perhaps not even a horror film fan at all? Do these sorts of films cause you to shake, both in body and in mind? Have no fear – I am here – and will try my best to help you to understand and perhaps even realize more about horror films than you have before. Although you are entirely responsible for answering the questions asked above, and they will vary from person to person, my job in writing this blog is simply to answer this: What are horror films trying to accomplish in being so gruesome and nerve-wracking?

I have a confession to make to you, my readers. For the longest time, I was afraid of horror films. Most of the time because of this fear, I just did not bother watching them. I would not be caught dead (pun intended) in my home at night, watching a horror film by myself – hoping and praying that a serial killer, ghost or zombie would not harm me as I slept. What your curious mind is asking you now, though, is why I am now willingly writing a horror film blog.

I have yet another confession to make to you, readers. For the longest time, I have also been oddly attracted to the spine-chilling and bizarre. As scared as I was in viewing various horror movies (two Stephen King flicks I can distinctly remember being questionable: The Langoliers and It) and video games (Resident Evil, for one), I could never get enough of them. My inner, gothic-prone self demanded entertainment. As I grew older and more open-minded, I decided to surprise and treat this inner self to a college-level course dedicated to horror film and literature. Coming in to the class, as Poe most eloquently stated for me, “Nervous – very, very dreadfully nervous I had been” – but I knew that if I was going to overcome my anxiety in favor of my love of film, I had to persevere.

My writing here is a direct and positive result of that course. While many horror films have been stigmatized as being low-caliber and unintelligent, there are, in fact, quite a few that are just the opposite. If nothing else, I would like to use my writing to show my readers just this. If one takes the time to view them without fear and understand their complexities, they are actually quite ghoul.

— Christine Sellin, Art & Design Editor

Editor’s Note: Christine Sellin is a senior undergraduate English major and Film Studies minor at Lewis University and the Art & Design editor for Jet Fuel Review. She enjoys bizarre and psychological literature and film, and is a budding buff of both.

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