Editor’s Notes: #87

We’ve had another great week here at the blog, and I hope you’ve been tuning in each day for our informative and interesting posts. But if you haven’t, that’s what the weekly Editor’s Notes posts are for. Let’s do a quick wrap-up of the week’s posts so that we can all get back to salvaging the last few hours of our weekend.

The week began with a writing advice post detailing a new kind of happy place; one that pinpoints a moment in a piece of your writing when everything seemed to click and you felt great about what you were working on. The discussion post covered an article about the greatest bookstores to do your browsing in. The poem from Slate this week was Betrayal by the Beloved, by Alicia Ostriker. Lucas’ Bibliophilia post this week talked about incomprehensible books that simulate illiteracy.

In this week’s Writing Excuses podcast — summed up by Linda — the hosts did another microcast, which consisted of them answering some great questions about writing. To read their answers, check out Linda’s post. And to round up the week, Deirdre wrote about the generic currency symbol in her Obscure Punctuation blog.

I hope that you all enjoyed the week and our posts here at the blog. Do please come back for another week of writing advice, poems, and interesting tidbits and factoids. Have a great week!

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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