Editor’s Notebook: #82

As I said in my last editor’s notebook, this weekend was the Printers Row Literary Fest in Chicago. As such, I’ve had one busy weekend. As part of my current job, I was placed at a table in the fest and spent much of yesterday and today there. Aside from the  heat, I had a really great time! Made some sales, bought some lovely Oxford Classic editions of a few titles I’ve been meaning to read. If you found yourself at Printers Row this weekend, I hope you enjoyed yourself! And now, since I’m rather tired, here are the posts we featured last week.

The week began with an advice post from me talking about the issue of showing versus telling. As I say in the post, this is one of the most important things you’ll learn as a writer and something you need to constantly be checking for in your pieces. The discussion post this week talked about our summer reading list. What’s on yours? Pop over to the post and let us know in the comments! This week’s poem featured on Slate was Reading Apuleius, by Karl Kirchwey. Be sure to read the poem and listen to Karl read his poem.

This Wednesday saw the first installment of Bibliophilia, Lucas’ new blog here. I recommend you check it out! On Wednesday, we also had the next installment of Deirdre’s blog on obscure punctuation. This week, the interrobang! To finish up the week, Lucas posted about sci-fi film franchises.

Hope you have a great week and enjoy our upcoming posts!

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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