Science in Writing: Hiatus

Before this blog I had never attempted blog writing so, naturally I chose this topic based upon the fact that I enjoyed science and writing, so it would be fun to integrate the two and therefore easy. I was wrong. This was a difficult topic to take on as a beginner because in order for me to present my thoughts coherently and fully, I needed to write lengthier blogs, which proved to be very time-consuming and required more skill than I had time to develop. So it is with much regret that I will be putting this blog on hiatus until I get better at blogging efficiently and regularly.

For those of you who followed my blog, this is not the end. I do plan on returning to it, but only after I’ve had time to become more acclimated to writing for a structured blog and meeting deadlines. This might sound petty, being that it is only a blog, but I gave myself a topic that deserves introspection and lengthy analysis in order to do it justice.

While this blog is on hold, I will be tackling a different blog topic, one that explores the history and proper uses of seldom seen punctuation. This may not be as exciting, but it should be interesting being that we live in a world in transition. So much of our communication with others happens in the cyber world, this terrifying place devoid of inflection or body language. Instead we turn to punctuation to solve our miscommunication battles. We have turned to emoticons which, when not used or used incorrectly, have ended friendships, partnerships and marriages. Now I don’t want anybody getting the wrong idea: this blog won’t just be about using unknown punctuation to solve miscommunication errors, but also for leisure. So come check it out when it goes live!

— Deirdre McCormick, Editor

Editor’s Note: Deirdre McCormick is a third year Biology Major with a minor in Creative Writing.  She is deeply passionate for both topics and that is evident in much of her writing endeavors.  She was also recently published in Lewis University’s own Windows magazine.

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