Editor’s Notes: #72

I’m very proud of the blog this week because we presented what I consider to be some great material. I certainly hope that you all enjoyed reading our posts throughout the week. Since we have so many posts to get through, let’s not waste any time! Here is what we at the Lewis Lit Journal blog have talked about since last weekend.

The week began with an advice post covering the step you  need to make to commit to a piece of writing. Though it may be scary to set an idea to paper (or an electronic document), it needs to be done it evaluate whether or not the idea is a good one. Next up, Linda Strahl recapped last week’s Writing Excuses podcast, which talked about the omniscient viewpoint. Determining your point of view is important for determining the tone and direction of your story. So check out this post and the corresponding podcast episode to learn about the omniscient narrator. On Tuesday, the blog’s Awesome Literary Things were the Vancouver Sun’s “20 best bookstores” in the world.

In his horror blog this week, Mike Malan covered the short story, The Horror in the Museumby H.P. Lovecraft. On Slate this week, the featured poem was Inquestby Paul Breslin. Also on Tuesday, we posted the first student feature we’ve done here in quite some time. Lewis University student Sabrina Hill wrote a review of the book, Zone One, by Colson Whitehead. I highly recommend reading this new student feature on our blog because it’s well-written and brings up interesting questions about the zombie fiction genre that seems to be all the rage these days.

Lucas’ Film Corner, this week, turned to that old Hitchcock venture, The Birds, and discussed its famous leading lady Tippi Hedren. The Storydome with Tim this week covered the very timely piece of fiction, The Hunger Games. Tim juxtaposes the book version and the recent film adaptation of this YA dystopian tale, so check it out! Mark’s awesome word this week is stymieAnd Deirdre also turned her blogging focus to The Hunger Games as a piece of science fiction writing.

As I said, a lineup of blog posts to be proud of! I really hope you enjoyed what we had to say and I do hope you’ll return for another week of blogging for the Jet Fuel Review. Speaking of the Jet Fuel Review, today marks the end of our spring submission period! As of midnight on Sunday, April 1st, you can no longer submit work to the journal’s next issue. Thank you to everyone who sent in pieces to be considered. I think this is going to be a great issue. As always, check out our Facebook page!

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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