Ekphrastic Blog # 30

Editor’s Note: This post has been written by Linda K. Strahl, an editor at the Jet Fuel Review. Her full bio can be found at the end of this post.

Before I get down to the composition of my poem for this week’s Ekphrastic Blog I wanted to thank my audience for their attendance. I had a lovely talk with my friend from Amsterdam last week, over our Spring Break, and her site has been skyrocketing in views lately. I dedicated the Ekrphrastic Blog # 25 that contains the poem, “The Bells of Amsterdam,” as a surprise for her, and she was thrilled with the traffic on her site. It also showed me that I have an audience that reads these posts every so often and the feeling of being a voice in the void of voices has lessened a little for this blogger. On to the post!

Well, it is the thirtieth post on this blog and I am astonished that I have gotten to this number. There have been some rough patches that this blog post and I have gone through. Last year this blog post was sacrificed to the obligations of school and the Jet Fuel Review publication date. I decided that this semester, by taking two weeks of this post off, I would come back with a better grasp on my dwindling passion that this blog usually instills in me. On this break I found a new music artist via friend and paper editor, Christine Sellin. The artist is British. Let’s face it, my music choices have always been for guys across the pond. Greg Holden and Mads Langer are in the past Ekphrastic posts, and now I add MIKA.

I had to honestly, go see the movie Kick-Ass in order to get the full context of MIKA’s music video and my poem. I have to say the movie rendered me speechless. For all its gore and triviality of death in the plot, there was an underlying theme of courage, that anyone has to have, in order to step up and stop something when they think it’s wrong. This song, Kick Ass (We Are Young), has that theme at the heart of it all. When you listen to it you can’t help but want to yell out the chorus at the top of your lungs. Well that’s how it works with me. Maybe you readers will only do a obligatory head-bob to the beat, but that’s okay. I acknowledge that I am one of the few people that gets up and dances when I hear a song I love. Here is the song and the poem. Forgive the (unfinished) I cannot seem to gather a last stanza. Another example of how a writer’s work is never quite done. ENJOY!

Silent Superheroes

Saying something when all of us have nothing
To say. Their lips bleed and their hands shake
As they pull their courage out of the soles
Of their past mistakes, screaming courageously
From Chaos, creating these Silent Superheroes.
Scars are the fingerprints
Their lives have given them-
Evidence they exist in a world
That denies their creation by default
Creating these Silent Superheroes.
Cuts leave groves of missing flesh,
Rivets in the smooth plain of knee-
Caps and palms, catching the bodies
Of these forgotten children
On the asphalt trimmed backyards
Creating these Silent Superheroes.
They grind their finger nails
In the mortar of alley-
Ways forced into action
By the world of strangers
Who sit and watch Death
Grasp and rip at their limbs
Creating these Silent Superheroes.
           ~By: Linda K. Strahl

Editor’s Note: Linda K Strahl is a transfer student from University of Wisconsin- La Crosse, where she was studying Archaeology and minoring in Creative Writing. She came to Lewis University in Fall of 2010 to major in Creative Writing. After participating in the production of two plays at Phillip Lynch Theater she has become an enthusiastic dramaturg, and is contemplating a career as a researcher and playwriter.

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