A Quick Programming Note


As you may have noticed, things are getting quite busy around the blog and around the Jet Fuel Review. The majority of our bloggers here are still attending classes and it’s midterm season! For myself, this month means National Novel Writing Month, which means I’ll be writing like crazy for the next thirty days and attending events. In addition, the Jet Fuel Review is inching closer and closer to the release of its second issue! Not to mention, our wonderful blogger Mark is having some computer issues at the moment. So, in accordance with all of these things happening in a short space of time, some of the blog posts here may suffer.

Now, I know our readers here are kind, patient, and forgiving! So this won’t be a problem at all. During the month of November, the ‘Prompt Wednesday‘ posts will be taking a hiatus and some other posts may be delayed at times. We ask for your patience and understanding, as we are sure that you’re busy too.

Thanks, readers!

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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