Tuesday’s Awesome Word — 11/01


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Ladies.  How often have you been out with a gentleman who talked—at length—about how many cylinders his car had, how the work was going on replacing the grout between his kitchen tiles, or how spectacular the new grill he purchased was?

And gentlemen.  Haven’t we all encountered the occasional woman who thinks—in all honesty—that we are fascinated to listen, at length, to her tales of hardship in the years spent searching for a set of dinnerware that nicely matched her wallpaper?

Perhaps—on a less stereotypical note—you have a relative who tends to monopolize conversation at the dinner table.  Sometimes, this isn’t so bad—such as when the person has something valuable to say.  Other times (the majority, it seems) the person’s endless supply of speech is simply annoying.

The word to describe any of these individuals is garrulous (GAR’uh’lus).  Many of us become garrulous after we’ve had a bit to drink, or when we become excited about something particular to our field of expertise and which any bit of common sense would suggest others have no interest in or understanding of whatsoever.

The next time you’re listening to someone prattle on at length and would really like to shut them up, the next time you have to force yourself to nod along and sound as though you care (or are listening), you have most likely encountered a garrulous individual.  We are very sorry about this.

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Mark Jacobs.  Mark is an editor for The Jet Fuel Review and Blog.  He is an Aviation major, but the left side of his brain is an avid writer.  Mark is a sophomore and works a few hours a week as a tutor in the Writing Center in this school year.

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