Prompt Wednesday: For Starters

The Write Anything blog is a great space for writers who need some inspiration. In this case, I needed some inspiration for this week’s prompt post. So, having exhausted all my other prompt resources, I turned to the Write Anything blog. There I found what they call their Friday Challenge, a series of posts (all updated on Friday) that include a prompt for you to write toward. As with the One Minute Writer blog I’ve linked to in previous Wednesday posts, Write Anything offers you the opportunity to post your work on their site in the comments.

When these Friday Challenge posts show up in my RSS feed, I always think they’re fantastic prompts. None of them are overly long, but they give you just enough information to start writing something interesting.

These prompts, which I’ve selected from their recent challenge posts, offer you exercises in the area of dialogue, character development, plot movement, and a bit of journaling. These are also great antidotes for writer’s block. I’ve found that if I’m having trouble getting a story started, I need a push to get me going or to get my mind rolling in the right direction. These prompts can definitely help you there. So, take some time out of your busy day, and grab these prompts for starters to new stories. You never know what may come out of them.

  • Your character is  stranded in the middle of nowhere and their phone has enough battery for one call. Who do they call?
  • Write a scene using purely dialogue. Nothing else is allowed ( no attributions, narration, description, scene setting etc)
  • Your character has an unusual phobia but tries to hide it.
  • Start your story with “As soon as (the main character) arrived, (the main character) sensed something was out of place”
  • Bucket lists seem to be all the rage. Lets turn that on its head. Write a list of 20 things you will never do. You can make this as serious or as amusing as you like.

Have fun with these prompts!

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

[Many thanks to the Write Anything blog! I highly recommend them!]

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