Editor’s Notebook: #47

We had yet another great and info-packed week here at the Lewis Lit Journal Blog. I hope you enjoyed all that our bloggers had to offer. Let’s jump right in and do a round-up of all the posts from this past week.

On Monday, the writing advice post discussed the idea that writers tend to be thought of as unhappy and why that might be true. The post also talked about how writers can be more happy with where they are in their career. Tuesday’s awesome word from Mark was felicity. The discussion post this week talked about distractions that we all face as writers in the age of the internet, and how we can push those aside to get real work done. Slate’s poem this week was The Lottery from poet Edward Hirsch. Prompt Wednesday this week featured a grab bag type of post with a variety of character, plot, and setting ideas for you to play with.

In Linda’s Writing Excuses summing up, she talked about the topic of writing assistants and what their duties are. As she did, I would recommend listening to the complete podcast for more information. For his Nerdy Notes post this week, Mark tackled the very intriguing — and sometimes perplexing — topic of compound words. Lucas’ Film Corner covered outsider films this week and Mark’s final awesome word was finagle. And, of course, Linda updated her writing challenge as well as her ekphrastic blog.

Some Exciting News: the deadline for submissions to the Jet Fuel Review has been extended until October 8th! If you’ve been looking for a chance to be published in the company of respected writers and poets in a journal accessible by anyone with a computer, please submit your work.  We’re also interested in publishing the artwork of talented artists, though of course we may not be able to publish large sculptures online. Please take a look at the first issue of The Jet Fuel Review to see what it’s all about. Read about submission guidelines here.

Also — please check out the Facebook page for the Jet Fuel Review!

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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