Prompt Wednesday: Grab Bag

Today, for the prompt post, I thought we would try something different. In recent weeks, I’ve been trying to give you more and more options from which to choose for your writing. This time, I decided to go the whole nine yards and simply create a grab bag of writing ideas and prompts for you to pick and choose and create your own quick fiction piece for a writing exercise. As always, remember that these prompts and ideas are only here to entice you and get your mind working. If you want to think outside the box, if you want to make up some ideas of your own, go ahead! A piece of writing should be your own. While prompts can help you, you also want to generate your own, unique ideas.

This post contains several choices for character names, plot points, and settings to include in your writing. Feel free to choose one or more from each category. You may find that you want to diversify your cast of characters — feel free to include all four of the names and generate some of your own. For plot ideas, throw in your own monkey wrenches and make life difficult for  your characters. You can also find more plot points here to screw with the lives of your characters and make your stories more interesting. I tried to make the settings as interesting as possible, but if you prefer something more mundane, please insert your own ideas.

In addition, if you ever need some assistance in coming up with character names, beings for your world, magic, organizations, or anything else you come across when creating, fleshing out, and populating your fictional universe, check out the Seventh Sanctum site, which offers a vast array of ideas for when your brain gets stuck.

Click after the cut here to see your grab bag writing prompts!

Character Names:

  • Leila Chamtack
  • Harvey Shathane
  • Phoebe Coosp
  • Thorton Fleedish

Plot Ideas:

  • What could make your character insanely angry?
  • Your character is not a very nice person and has to own up to it.
  • Someone’s bike is stolen and the heroes try to find the thief.
  • Your character now has a phobia of open spaces.


  • Watchtower  of Truth
  • Shrine of the Lost
  • Garden of Infinity
  • A living room full of cats

Happy Writing!

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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