Linda’s Writing Challenge # 12


Editor’s Note: This post has been written by Linda K. Strahl, an editor-in-training at the Jet Fuel Review. Her full bio can be found at the end of this post.

The writing challenges that I am prompted to do today are about the unsayable and the unsaid. Writers have to express things that cannot truly be described with words. Emotions are difficult to explain in our daily lives because the vocabulary we use does not touch the truth of the feeling. Because emotions are key aspects in building a character to an audience, Goldberg gives her devote audience and prompt doers the idea to compare the physical with other sensations, juxtapose the conflicting thoughts (fear, excitement etc.), use rhythm in the line to set a tone. This paraphrase might be unclear so feel free to reference the term to the page number twenty-three.

As for the unsaid, or unspoken prompt, say what you didn’t say in a conversation from your past. Since this is a public rendition of the prompt, I am going to stipulate that my conversation didn’t ever happen. Therefore the entire thing will be made up in a fashion of a blunt character conversation. If I wrote what I didn’t say in one conversation or another, people that know me could recall the incidents and possibly maim me. Disclaimer said, now onto the prompts!

Prompt 23

Task: Saying the Unsayable

Duration: 15 min.

The urge was so pressing that her fingers itched like a thousand bug bites were on her on the tips of her finger tips. The pit of her stomach simmered with the side-effects of the kiss. She leaned away from him covering her mouth with her hand. Lips tingling from that stolen kiss. It had singed her nerve endings, as the lightning ricochet down her spine. It had thrilled her and wounded her. She felt tears twinge at the corner of her eyes, as the air caught in her throat. She had wanted to pull his face closer to her with the navy blue tie that hung around his neck, touch his jaw with her hand. She wanted to give in, but the betrayal of that kiss he didn’t let her give him, quelled need to fulfill them. She felt the passion within her dissipate into dust as her heart froze in fractured pieces, she stepped back and walked away.

Note: Decided to use the previous prompt and build two different dialogues around it. First, nothing is said. Second, a lot is said. Add in the actions and feelings, and it’s something.

Prompt: 24

Task: What wasn’t said Duration: 15 min.

She: It wasn’t right. He: It was. You wanted that. She: Not like this. He: What other way was there? She: You shouldn’t have pushed. He: Couldn’t we just talk about this? She: I think that said enough.


She: That wasn’t right, you just cost me everything, us everything. He: I… I don’t… You wanted me to kiss you. I… you wanted me, too. She: Yes, but not like that. You took way my choice, you took away my… you stole that kiss. He: But that… you didn’t… you didn’t seem like you were going to do it any time soon. I just wanted to break the ice. She: You could’ve been a little more patient. I was… going to, I was ready to… But… He: Couldn’t you stay? Couldn’t you we just keep talking? Please, don’t… Don’t go. She: No. I can’t. I just, can’t… look at you, anymore. I can’t… forgive that.

Editor’s Note: Linda K Strahl is a transfer student from University of Wisconsin- La Crosse, where she was studying Archaeology and minoring in Creative Writing. She came to Lewis University in Fall of 2010 to major in Creative Writing. After participating in the production of two plays at Phillip Lynch Theater she has become an enthusiastic dramaturg, and is contemplating a career as a researcher and playwriter.

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