Editor’s Notebook: #33

Good evening, blog readers! As you may have noticed, this week’s posts at the blog were many and varied with new contributions from our editors-in-training, Mark Jacobs and Linda Strahl. I’m pleased to see such enthusiastic participation from both of our editors for the fall and I hope that you’re enjoying their posts at the blog. Let’s see what was covered in this past week.

For his first post of the week, Mark wrote about the writing advice he’s received to stay honest. In his Awesome Word posts, Mark wrote about the word affront (something offensive or disrespectful) and the word anathema (a detested or loathed thing). Mark also wrote an intriguing Nerdy Notes post about  a ‘hotel of doom‘ being built in North Korea.

Linda covered this week’s episode of the Writing Excuses podcast, which talked about dialogue (the spelling of which is still up for discussion). Linda also introduced two original weekly features of her own to be posted at the blog. One of these posts is a Writing Challenge, which consists of Linda working  her way through a writing challenge book and offering those challenges for our blog readers to try out. You can read the first challenge post here. Linda has also created an Ekphrastic Blog, which takes an existing piece of art and offers a response to that piece. You can read the first ekphrastic piece here.

I look forward to continuing the diverse group of blog posts we have here at the Lewis Lit Journal blog!

Regularly Scheduled Programming: A Note About Distractions & Productivity / Community Discussion: E-Books (again) / A Poem in My News Feed: “The Irises” / Prompt Wednesday: Color Poem / Lucas on…Cultural Obligation

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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