Prompt Wednesday: Flashback


With graduation finally looming within grasp, I have been plagued with dreams that take me back to high school. Now for some, that was not so long ago but for me that was more than a decade ago and in my dreams there seems to be a problem. I get a call telling me that there was a mix-up with my classes and I have to repeat senior year all over again – in my thirties!

I know it’s just a dream but what if one morning you wake up back home and find you are seventeen all over again but you have all your memories for the past years of adulthood. Write the scene and describe the feeling of realizing you are a twenty- thirty- forty something stuck back in your seventeen year old self’s body. You are now under your parent’s rules once again. What would you do?

As for me…The alarm clock radio has lyrics from my favorite song streaming … every rose has it’s thorn just like every cowboy sings a sad – sad song and while I am reaching the snooze button, I can’t help but wonder when I switched on the eighties rock? I must have accidentally that genre on my iPhone last night before I put it in the dock.

How about you?

— Tonya Peterson, Editor

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