Prompt Wednesday: Owner for a Lost List

The list

Editor’s Note: this post has been written by Tonya Peterson, an English major at Lewis University. Tonya is interning with the Jet Fuel Review this semester and will be contributing blog posts periodically.

Today in Creative Writing Dr. Muench brought in a guest speaker from Northeastern University to demonstrate the art of bookmaking. Professor Kim Ambriz presented a multitude of chapbooks and book projects from various sources. There was one project that she presented from an undergraduate student that was fascinating to me. In this student’s book project was a found list and he wrote a few lines about who the author was and why they made the list.

So I thought for today’s writing prompt I would put my own spin on a “found” list. So here are the instructions: you walk out to your car parked in a crowded and poorly lit parking garage and before you open the door you notice the neon green list on the ground next to a neatly washed blue minivan (pretend it’s snowing in April). Write a little story centered around the items on this list and the author. Have fun!

My imaginary list owner’s story:   She grabs The List off the sticky pad and stuffs it into her black leather Prada purse and she was careful to carry her cherry red heels in her hands on her way to the garage. There was no way she was going to put scuff marks on the pristinely scrubbed linoleum floors.  She thought about the text she received this morning from her best friend. Melanie was bringing John as her date to the party tonight. Knowing that John could not keep his hands off a hot little bowl of salsa and blue tortilla chips, she headed to the grocery store to grab another dish for the party.

As she flipped the visor mirror she swatted at the few dull strands of brown hair that fell over her eyes. Auburn was going to be a good change her. So what if Melanie had natural auburn color with the perfect amount of sun bleached highlights, it only made her pale skin look washed out. She made a mental note to get the industrial sized bleach bottles. The morning after a party can be brutal to clean up all those forgotten stains on the counters and floors.

— Tonya Peterson, Editor

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