Fun for Nerds: Writing Sonnets

Yes, thanks to the power of the internet, Shakespeare has been able to continue creating memorable quotes despite the inconvenient handicap of having been dead for hundreds of years.

Some of his more memorable recent works include the saying “prose before hos” and of course “bitches love sonnets,” which go to join his more classic lines such as “All the world’s a stage, / And all the men and women merely players” and, of course, “Cowards die many times before their deaths, / The valiant never taste of death but once.”

When asked how he has undergone such a dramatic change in his more recent works, the bard cited fourchan as a great source of insperation for his more recent works. Shakespeare seems to still be creating great and memorable works since the advent of the internet, and, I believe, we can continue to look forward for more inperational quotes such as these for a good while longer.

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