Prompt Wednesday: Write What You See


Editor’s Note: this post has been written by Tonya Peterson, an English major at Lewis University. Tonya is interning with the Jet Fuel Review this semester and will be contributing blog posts periodically.

“Can a picture really be worth a 1,000 words?” It has been said many times over, and I myself have heard it plenty, but is it true? As a writer I pride myself on my ability to write what I see, but when looking at a picture often times words escape me and I find that the visual far out weights the verbal. I know, I know that is major blasphemy in the writing community. So let’s see if how well it can be done.

Take the simple picture to the right and see if you can create 1,000 words for it. It can be in any format you chose but the word count must be 1,000. Post your stories in the comment section and share your feedback with everyone! I’m going to try it and so should you!

—  Tonya Peterson, editor

A quick note about commenting: If you click the little number in the talk-balloon button at the top right of this entry, you can comment very easily on what you see here. We’d love to see some comments begin to pour in as that will help us grow our community!

2 thoughts on “Prompt Wednesday: Write What You See

  1. Hank Kellner March 25, 2011 / 1:36 pm

    Your readers will be interested in my book WRITE WHAT YOU SEE: 99 PHOTOS TO INSPIRE WRITING. For more information, please visit (search by title) and/or
    Many thanks,
    Hank Kellner

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