Fun for Nerds: Stop-Motion Bookshelf

Brooch made my Etsy user "lupin":

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A little while ago, I posted about my voyeuristic tendencies when it comes to the bookshelves and book collections of others. These people need not even be famous, I just love snooping on what people display on their bookshelves and how they arrange those books. I posted some bookshelf pictures in that installment of “fun for nerds,” but I’ve found something even better.  Thanks to BoingBoing, I’ve found a really neat video of books arranging and re-arranging themselves on a bookshelf. I’ve always been fascinated by sped-up video and stop-motion features and this satisfies all of those curiosities as well as including books. Check this video out and see if you can spot books that you love or own! Happy Friday!

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