Editor’s Notebook: #18

A quick note about commenting: If you click the little number in the talk-balloon button at the top right of this entry, you can comment very easily on what you see here. We’d love to see some comments begin to pour in as that will help us grow our community!

The reading period for the first issue of the Jet Fuel Review is now officially closed. I wanted to thank everyone who sent in submissions to be considered, and I wanted to thank my advisors — Dr. White, Dr. Consilio, and Dr. Muench for all of their help along the way. We’re all reading submissions now and expect to send out acceptance or rejection emails within the next two months.

As for the blog, the middle of this week was dominated in real life and on the blog by the massive snowstorm that hit the Chicagoland area. Some regions of the suburbs and city received up to 15 inches of snow. With travel impeded, we were all stuck inside and I posted a prompt about snow days, hopefully to spur our readers on to writing about childhood memories of snow that they cherish.

Writing Excuses, my favorite weekly post to write, dealt with crafting writing pieces for film consideration. I posted about that podcast discussion on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday, Steve Papesh — an intern who’s helping me with the literary journal this semester — had his blog post debut with a satirical piece. Friday’s posts featured the work of Lucas Sifuentes on movies about the internet and a piece from Dr. Simone Muench about the horror film genre.

I hope you’ve all dug out from the snow and are ready for a whole new week of blog content here at the Lewis Lit Journal Blog.

Regularly Scheduled Programming: Writing Advice — How to Write a Sentence / Community Discussion: Reading Material / News: First Reading Period Closed / A Poem in My News Feed: Billy Collins / Fun for Nerds: Pictures of Bookshelves

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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