Fun for Nerds: Pictures of Bookshelves

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For me, there is nothing more enjoyable than looking at pictures of other people’s bookshelves. I suppose it’s a special kind of voyeurism for nerds to look at how other people have arranged their bookshelves. Perhaps the nerdiest thing that I enjoy doing is arranging my own bookshelf, and a close second is examining how others have arranged and organized theirs. I think it has a lot to do with seeing what other people read and pining after their cozy reading corners.

Boing Boing, the all-around-fun blog dedicated a post to this nerdy pastime just last week. They termed it something that I would normally use in conversation or on my personal blog. But, for discretion (and so the site doesn’t get mistakenly blocked), I won’t use the term here. You can see what I’m talking about at this Boing Boing post.

In any case, and sketchy language aside, bookshelves are simply fun to look at. Through the Boing Boing post, I found pictures of Cory Doctorow’s bookshelves, Neil Gaiman’s bookshelves, and a whole feed for bookshelf pictures. If you’re as obsessed with this eye candy as I am, feel free to click any of these links. Or, you can simply click the cut and see some amazing pictures in this post.

Do you like to look at other people’s bookshelves? If so, what do you think is the appeal? Why are you interested and why is it so entertaining?

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

Cory Doctorow's shelf. The original photo, on Flickr, has notations and can be found here:

This is one of many photos from Neil Gaiman's bookshelves. You can find more at the link provided above.

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