Prompt Wednesday: Snow Day

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Today, in Chicago, we have been hit with a ridiculous amount of snow. I know that in my suburb, we have roughly fifteen inches of snow on the ground outside. You can’t see the birdbath in our backyard and my car is completely surrounded by a wall of snow. I must say, this is pretty amazing. I always consider it to be a feat of any city to actually clean this stuff up. So, let’s see how long it takes! I’m certainly enjoying my cozy snow day inside with a cup of cocoa, so let’s talk about snow days for today’s prompt.

What is a snow day that you remember from your childhood?

For me, there was a snow in the late nineties — I don’t remember which year exactly — that was of gargantuan proportions. Of course, I was a small child so to say that the snow was over my head wasn’t really something to write home about. Our neighbors had a chain link fence and I remember the drift of snow reaching the top of that fence. That year, my brother and I made a fort out of snow and climbed on top of another drift on the opposite side of our house.

For my dad, the big snow will always be the storm that hit Chicago in 1967. He talks about ice skating in the streets of his neighborhood, watching his dad’s car slide along the ice as he came home from work, climbing onto a drift to see into the second floor window of their house. Most of all, he talks about how the city was shut down for an entire week. I can’t help but wonder whether that will happen this time.

So, write about a snow day that you remember from your past. Or, simply look outside and write a poem or short story based on what you see happening around you. Above all, stay indoors and stay warm!

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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