Fun for Nerds: Microcosm Publishing

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Earlier this week, I posted about the re-purposing of books and the rise of e-readers. Imagine my surprise when my brother shared an article with me, the headline of which included the words: “Bored of Your Kindle Already?” My brother knows all about my disdain for the Kindle and other e-readers, so he told me about this article right away. The article came from the tech blog Gizmodo and was all about how one publishing company in Portland, Oregon is trading magazines and books for your Kindle.

According to their website, Microcosm Publishing will take your “soulless faux-literary technology” (their words, not mine) and give you, in return, its worth in books and magazines. Microcosm isn’t kidding either! The site goes on to say that most books in their store are in the price range of $2 – $6, so a $100+ Kindle could leave you with a veritable mountain of books!

I absolutely love this idea and I love that Microcosm has decided to cater to those of us who still love holding an actual, physical book in their hands. I must say, I’d certainly be appreciative if someone got me a Kindle or another e-reader for Christmas or my birthday, but if there were a Microcosm store close by, I’d be going to trade it in for a wheelbarrow full of actual books.

If you’re interested, check out the webpage for Microcosm Publishing and, if you’re like, me, wish that you lived in Portland.

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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