Fun for Nerds: “Nibbus Maximus”

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[Thanks to Boing Boing for this nerd news.]

So, who knew? There was an event called “Nibbus Maximus” and it was held to unveil a grand creation by Jim Woodring. Woodring is a comic artist who works mainly in ink. This helps you understand better the fact that Woodring created a 7 foot tall ink pen that weighs 25 pounds and actually works. Believe me, I was just as amazed as you are when I first saw the headline. Being a bit of a pen connoisseur (or simply an enthusiast), I had to click on the link to see more pictures of this amazing feat.

“Nibbus Maximus,” aptly named because the nib of this pen is, indeed, large, is just the name of the ceremony held to unveil this pen. But, I think this event should just escalate into a huge competition to see who can create the largest pen that actually works. Eventually, the pens will have to be lifted to the event with cranes and it’ll become like those pumpkin festivals where they’re hauling in trucks with ten-foot long platforms to accommodate the pens.

Moving on, you can read more about this event at the Gage Academy of Art. There is an entire Flickr feed for pictures from this event, but here are some of the highlights:

Here is the nib of Woodring's 7-foot tall pen; see Woodring's thumb for size comparison. Source:
Here is another image of the nib next to a normal-sized pen nib. Source:
A poster for the Nibbus Maximus event found at
An image of the pen in Woodring's studio, found at:
Here is Woodring holding his creation. Photo found at: http://

I hope you’ve enjoyed this nerdy and pen-inspired post. Enjoy your evening!

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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