Editor’s Notebook #14

A quick note about commenting: If you click the little number in the talk-balloon button at the top right of this entry, you can comment very easily on what you see here. We’d love to see some comments begin to pour in as that will help us grow our community!

This week was the last that I’ll have for quite some time when homework won’t be interrupting me. Next week begins the new semester and the countdown to the publication of our first issue! Personally, I’ve had a great last week of break, I hope you’ve all enjoyed your holiday time, and I think I put up some interesting things on the blog, so let’s take a look.

As the new year begins, everyone likes to look ahead to what’s coming up. One such look forward came from The Daily Beast, which posted about books that are set to be released in the year 2011. I posted about this shortlist of books and talked about some of the most anticipated books, in my opinion.

On the Writing Excuses podcast this week, the hosts discussed when writers unintentionally offend their readers through what goes into their work. I thought this was an interesting discussion and I posted it about in the middle of this past week.

This Thursday and Friday, you may have noticed that we didn’t have any posts from Lucas Sifuentes or from a faculty member at Lewis University. Next week, content from Lucas will return and we’re hoping to revive the faculty feature as the spring semester rolls in.

Just a reminder before I go, the reading period for the Jet Fuel Review‘s inaugural issue is still open! You can submit your poetry, fiction, non-fiction, art, etcetera until January 31st. With the new semester beginning, you might want to go through last semester’s papers and see if there’s anything you’re interested in submitting. If so, please check out this page.

Regularly scheduled programming: Writing Advice: Believe in Your Writing / Discussion: Judging a Book by its Cover / A Poem in My News Feed: Steven Cramer / Prompt Wednesday: One Minute Writer / Pick-a-Poem: Michael Robbins / A Journal You Might Like: Pedestal Magazine

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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