Prompt Wednesday: One Minute Writer

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Usually, I find my writing prompts for Wednesday through Writer’s Digest, but I decided to look around this evening for an alternate source from which to get some writing prompts. In my search, I found an amazing new site called “The One-Minute Writer.” Basically, there are daily prompts, you can set the clock for one minute, and just write toward the prompt.

I love this site for two main reasons. (1) Their slogan — “You have 1,440 minutes a day. Use one them to write.” This is so wonderfully true and something that I strongly believe in. Many people say that they “don’t have time” to get any writing done. Take it from me (a college student who writes for the school newspaper, is doing an internship right now, and keeping up many personal writing projects) — there is time. Even if it’s only one minute, as this site says. (2) If you write for one minute, you’re almost guaranteed to get on a roll and continue to write for more than that one minute.

It seems that most of the prompts on this site are based in non-fiction writing. But they do have Fiction Fridays where there are prompts pertaining to fiction writing instead. Today, I thought I would copy & paste their prompt for today: Write about a project you did for school when you were a kid.

Try your hand at writing about one of those memorable projects you did while in grade school or high school. And be sure to check out One Minute Writer for more prompts each day!

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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