A Literary Look into 2011

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Lots of websites that I follow have begun to post speculations or predictions about the year to come now that their 2010 retrospectives are finished. At The Daily Beast, they’ve posted a list of highly anticipated books that are coming out in 2011. I found the list interesting and there are a few books on here that I’ll at least be checking out or reading the back covers of.

There are many biographies included on the Daily Beast’s list, but the one that intrigues me the most and is most connected to the literary world is the biography of J.D. Salinger, J.D. Salinger: A Life by Kenneth Slawenski. It’s fairly well known that Salinger was a reclusive author, so I’d be interested to see what Slawenski has to say about him.

For fans of non-fiction writing, there is Unfamiliar Fishes by Sarah Vowell. I’ve enjoyed all of Sarah Vowell’s work so far and this book, which focuses on the state of Hawaii and the year 1898, promises to be just as interesting. Personally, I like that Vowell focuses on niche areas of American history and I’d love to hear what she has to say about Hawaii, still our newest state.

Personally, the book that I am most interested on this list is The Pale King by David Foster Wallace. Wallace, of course, committed suicide in 2008, so this book is being published posthumously. I assume that it’s complete enough or developed enough to be published, but the novel is still being billed as “unfinished.” I honestly can’t imagine what the novel will hold for readers.

If you’re interested, the full list of anticipated books with a 2011 release can be found here at The Daily Beast.

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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