Holiday Writing Comics from Inkygirl

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Over the past week, illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi, or Inkygirl, has been posting delightful comics on her website that encompass writing and the quickly approaching holiday season. A lot of these comics portray just what I’ve been talking about in my posts all this week. So, I thought it would be fun to post them here  for you to see. Inkygirl has a great illustration style and a keen eye for the plight of writers, having inked many a comic for National Novel Writing Month. Click past the cut to see her holiday comics and be sure to check out her site at Inkygirl.

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Oh, if only this kind of cough syrup existed. Then again, it might be even more useful if the cough syrup actually transported you to another world where you were already published and successful. After all, one of my favorite quotes about writing, from Dorothy Parker, said “I hate writing, I love having written.” If only success were just a fever dream away…

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This is just adorable. Several of Inkygirl’s comics feature snowmen and I love that because they seem like such unexpected writers. I do like the idea, though, of snowmen trying furiously to reach those typewriter keys to tap out their story of being ephemeral in this concrete world. Imagine what a snowman might write — after all, a memoir that ends with your own demise because of the temperature would definitely sell.

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While I’m not a mom, I definitely identify with this comic. There have been many times throughout the past month that I’ve yearned for somewhere quiet and isolated where I could simply go to sequester myself and write. An igloo might not be a bad idea. I need to do some research…

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Again — not a mom — but I really like this comic. I think this is something that we all must have on our Christmas wish lists. It seems that as the holidays approach, so many other responsibilities and activities creep into our lives, making it almost impossible to find a moment in which we can simply write. If you’re interested in some advice on making your holiday break count, check out my advice post from earlier this week.

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Imagine what Santa would do if he was met with these requests from the tens of thousands of writers all over the globe. After all, how does one deliver a “gripping opening sentence” or a “sense of inspiration,” for that matter. Those things don’t tend to be sitting on shelves in WalMart or stuffed inside the magical sack of Santa.

These comics are all very cute but they’ve got me thinking now — perhaps all of these things portrayed in the comics — time to write and a place to write and just the right thing to write — can all come from within ourselves. We need to make the time to write, we need to create a space for our writing in our lives and in our homes, and we need to sit down and just begin to write, hoping that something good will result from our hard work.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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