A Journal You Might Like: Wordeater

Image source: http://www3.jjc.edu

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An important component of the Jet Fuel Review is that it’s run by students at Lewis University. Students do all of the main work for the literary journal and faculty advisers oversee everything. But the work is done by students, and I think this makes the journal unique. There are several journals like this, affiliated with universities, and run by students there. One such journal is Wordeater, which is based in Joliet Junior College, a college in the area.

The design of Wordeater jumps out at me instantly when I click onto their webpage.  I love the squiggly writing of their name at the top of the site and the lime green color in the background catches my eye easily. Wordeater also has a lot of exciting and interesting art on their webpage.

Personally, I’m very impressed with the title “Wordeater,” I think it’s a snappy and creative title for a literary journal. Wordeater has been around for quite a while. When I talked to the faculty adviser, Adam Heidenrich, he said that Wordeater has a lengthy history at JJC and has only recently gone online. Though their website has a lot of information and they do have an e-zine, the main portion of Wordeater is a printed booklet.

Wordeater also displays a lot of great artwork from students, including some work featured by our own blogger Lucas Sifuentes! As I said last week in the journal post, I’d love to get more artists involved in the creation of Jet Fuel Review. Wordeater also offers a writing group, which I think is a great supplement to the literary journal.

Yesterday I posted a poem from Wordeater that I thought was very thought-provoking and they have a multitude of other great student work displayed at their site. I think Wordeater is very similar to what I wish for the Jet Fuel Review in the future. Check it out and see what they have to offer!

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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