A Journal You Might Like: Mule Magazine

Image source: http://flickr.com

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Back when I was doing the research for this literary journal, I found an interesting collaborative magazine called Mule Magazine. Though it took a while to load on my computer because of all the content involved on the page, Mule Magazine was just so fascinating and intriguing to me.

Mule Magazine, according to their “about page,” is “a collaborative publication created to record these projects that are occurring on a grassroots, national, and international level. The publication hopes to document and celebrate the world of people who continue making, thinking, and generating. It addresses both the usual and the unusual with a thoroughness perhaps overlooked by traditional media by mixing creative theory with contemporary culture.”

The interesting thing about Mule Magazine is that they encompass so many different aspects of the creative life within their publication. They publish music reviews, interviews, features for emerging and established musicians and visual artists. There is also poetry and writing and fashion spreads. Mule Magazine is like an assault on the senses, bombarding you with a wide array of information and art.

I chose Mule Magazine to recommend this afternoon because I want to emphasize the art aspect of our own journal. So far, the focus has been mainly on the writing part of our new journal, but I also want to feature exciting and new art from students, faculty, and artists at large. I think it’s important for a journal to have eye-catching visuals and meaningful art to supplement the writing that’s being featured.

So, artists, please send in your work for publication!

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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