Fun for Nerds: A “Type-In”

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So, I have several different quirky news items queued up and waiting to be put into a “Fun for Nerds” post. But when I saw this one pop up, courtesy of BoingBoing, I knew it had to be posted today! Apparently, a group of typewriter enthusiasts in Philadelphia are gathering on December 18th at a pub in Philly to strike a blow for typewriter lovers!

The BoingBoing post says that a whole new group of young typewriter enthusiasts have emerged in the world. Surprisingly, a Google search for typewriters and typewriter fans yields many results. One website offers typewriter merchandise ( including a truly awesome necklace that I have my eye on ), another is a blog run by the owner of a typewriter shop, and the photo website Flickr has an entire pool for typewriter photos! I have to say, that last one is a lot of fun to browse. Typewriters just have a certain charm about them that a laptop doesn’t have.

And yet, laptops have a backspace key. And I desperately need that backspace key.

According to the post, activities at the “type-in” will include opportunities for enthusiasts to  “enter a typing competition, buy and sell at a typewriter swap meet, and consult with an experienced typewriter technician, who’ll offer tips to keep that vintage machine cranking out words smoothly.”

I know we have some typewriter fans here on the blog, so share some of your typewriter experiences in the comments! And, as a supplement, what do you think of fleeting technologies? Do you pine after vinyl records and typewriter keys, are you blazing forward into the iPad age, or are you finding a happy medium between the two?

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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