Editor’s Notebook: #8

A quick note about commenting If you click the little number in the talk-balloon button at the top right of this entry, you can comment very easily on what you see here. We’d love to see some comments begin to pour in as that will help us grow our community!

This past week has been a great week for blogging! I’ve had a lot of fun writing the blog posts over the past week and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. I’m thinking particularly of my post about snark and Sir Walter Raleigh on Tuesday, and my post about the poetry of Bruce Springsteen. When writing that post about snark, I absolutely zoned out and just enjoyed writing the post. It was engaging and interesting and I hope it was the same for you. When writing the Springsteen post, I was being completely indulgent, which I haven’t done since beginning this blog, so I thank you for letting me be indulgent and just post about something I truly enjoy. And I do hope you enjoyed reading both of those posts.

We did also post an exclusive interview with author Daniel Handler and I can tell you that we’ve had an enormous response to that interview. This doesn’t necessarily  mean comments, but a lot of people have viewed the interview and, hopefully, enjoyed reading the advice and answers of a published, well-known author. Thanks, again, to members of the Fun with Fiction course for providing questions for Mr. Handler and to Dr. Simone Muench for spreading the word about the interview.

There was no Friday Faculty Feature this week and I personally apologize for the absence of that new feature. I expect to bring you an interesting post from an English department faculty member this coming Friday.

Here is what we posted during the past week:

Writing Advice: Staying on Track / A Writing Comic / Community Discussion: Reading / Writing Excuses This Week / A Poem in My News Feed: Raleigh & Pinsky / New Design at the Jet Fuel Review / Prompt Wednesday: Holiday Spirit / Exclusive Interview w/Daniel Handler / Pick-a-Poem: Music / James Cameron, my personal nemesis / A Journal That You Might Like

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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