A Journal that You Might Like: #5

Image source: http://rhinopoetry.org

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Today is Friday and I think you might enjoy the literary journal, RHINO. RHINO is a literary journal that grew out of The Poetry Forum, Inc. in 1976. RHINO is not just a journal, though. They offer many outlets and opportunities for emerging writers in Illinois. The Poetry Forum is a non-profit organization supported by the Illinois Arts Council that offers readings, workshops, and prizes for authors.

RHINO offers both an Editor’s Prize and a Founder’s Prize with cash awards and special recognition. There is also a  program called RHINO Reads, which is an open mic reading in Evanston each month. This would be a great opportunity for authors who wish to read their works aloud and gain some exposure in the literary world in and around Chicago.

RHINO’s publication is offered through their site for purchase. There are a few poems available in PDF format when you view their current issue, but most of the work is unavailable to you unless you buy the printed journal. This might not be ideal for some of you, but if you preview the work that RHINO showcases and you enjoy it, you might consider purchasing their journal for $12.00 with shipping & handling. If you want to save on shipping, RHINO is also offered in many Chicagoland area bookstores, a list of which you can find on their website.

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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