Podcast: Writing Excuses

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So, recently I’ve been turned on to this writing podcast that I had no idea existed. I really didn’t even know they made podcasts for writing and writing advice. But I’m so glad that I found this one, so I’m passing it onto you guys as well. The podcast is called Writing Excuses and can be downloaded for free on iTunes.  If you don’t have iTunes, there are other options for obtaining the podcast feed.

Writing Excuses is a weekly podcast run by several authors who offer their advice and discuss issues involved in the craft of writing. They’ve been in operation since January of 2008, but I just stumbled upon them last week. The episode that I listened to this afternoon, (5.7: Avoiding Melodrama), was hosted by Brandon Anderson, Dan Wells, and Howard Taylory. I don’t know much about these three guys and their website doesn’t really explain who they are, but the site does link to each of their blogs and you can learn about them there.

Right off the bat, I really liked the format of Writing Excuses. They have a central theme, they keep the podcast to 15 minutes (“because you’re in a hurry, and we’re not that smart,” says their website), and they provide inspiration. Sometimes all we need to get writing is to hear someone else talk about the craft of writing or about their personal process.

It helps, also, that all three of the hosts are engaging and entertaining to listen to. It’s simply fun to sit back and hear these three guys chat about writing. They’re all clearly experienced and have a lot to share when it comes to techniques, and pitfalls to avoid. The podcast also has a homemade feel to it, as if they’re simply recording this in one of the hosts’ basement. I like that independent, simple feel of  a podcast rather than something overblown and over-processed.

The podcast ended with a writing prompt for all the listeners to try right then and there. Of course, you don’t have to try the prompt right away or even try it at all. The prompt is a friendly suggestion to help inspire you. The hosts close by saying “you have no more excuses,” so — it is implied — go forth and write!

I’ve subscribed and I look forward to what Writing Excuses covers each week. Check them out and see if they get you in the writing mood.

— Jet Fuel Editor, Mary Egan

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