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If you’ve found this literary journal blog, there’s a chance that you’ve been called a “nerd” once or twice in your life. I know that I’ve been called a nerd, and I’ve self-branded myself as a nerd as well. Personally, I wear that badge with pride because “nerdy” things are the things I like the most in life.

In this first installment of Fun for Nerds, we have an article from the website boingboing, which features fun news stories about technology, culture, and games. Earlier this week, boingboing posted a video entitled People and Their Desks. This is a fun short film about how creative people organize their desks.

Personally, I know that my desk is an important part of my life and my creative process. I’ve surrounded myself, through my desk, with the things that inspire me and put me in a creative mood. I have a shelf over my desk, which I’ve filled with some of my favorite books. I have a calendar, of course, plenty of pens (I’m something of a pen addict), and my paper journal is there as well. The desk is, naturally, close to an outlet for premium laptop charging, since I do virtually all of my writing on my laptop.

So, check out this short film and then comment about what your creative space looks like. What’s the space you have now and what would be your ideal creative space? How different are they?

— Honeycomb Editor, Mary Egan

3 thoughts on “Fun for Nerds

  1. Lucas October 13, 2010 / 9:51 pm

    What a great post! I have two desks actually, one is my art desk and right next to it is my writing desk. My writing desk I found one day in an alley and was lucky enough to have a friend by my side to help me carry it home. It’s a sturdy dark wood desk with two pull out drawers filled with various paints, typewriter ribbons, and other items you’d expect to find in a desk. My art desk I received as a present some time ago, and looks like a very stout easel with trays along the side. Over the years the desk has become colored by various spilled paints and wandering markers, it’s a tough old thing. And if having two separate desks wasn’t nerdy enough, one of my all time favorite pop songs is about desks.
    Harry Nilsson- Good Old Desk

    • Editor October 15, 2010 / 9:54 am

      Wow! That’s so awesome that you found one of your desks just in an alley. I think I’m jealous of your desk space! Hey, this is a place for the nerdy people.

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