A Journal That You Might Like: #2

Image source: http://tsky-news.blogspot.com

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Today’s recommended online journal is Trickhouse, features an innovative and interactive design that I haven’t seen in any other journal. Its name recalls trick-or-treating, making it the perfect journal to check out as Halloween draws near!

Trickhouse is the most unique journal I found as I surfed around to see what kind of sites existed already. The front page consists of doors with a wallpaper-like backdrop, giving the whole site the feel of a house. When you put your cursor on each door, the door opens a crack and a different section of the journal floats out. With each new issue, the wallpaper background changes to signal a new edition of the journal.

This journal is the best example of how much you can customize your online journal’s site. The possibilities are literally endless and you can customize the site as much as you’d like to match the title of your journal. Online publishing gives literary journals more of an opportunity to reach people, but it also makes professional design accessible even to the penniless college student, such as my self.

Trickhouse is worth a look because of its gorgeous interplay with readers and exciting new poetry, such as Cynthia Hogue’s poem, which was featured in yesterday’s post. They also showcase visual art, correspondent reports, interviews, videos, and more. Each of their pages and site sections call back to their “house” theme, such as Back Room and The Parlour. Be sure to check it out and read some of what Trickhouse has to offer.

Reminder: The title contest for the new Lewis Lit Journal ends on Monday, October 11th. Make sure you get your suggestions in before the deadline! Send title ideas to lewislitjournal [at] gmail [dot] com!

— Honeycomb Editor, Mary Egan

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