Would You Like to Post Here?

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A quick note about commentingSome of you expressed some confusion about how to comment on our posts here at the blog. If you click the little “0″ in the talk-balloon button at the top right of this entry, you can comment very easily on what you see here. We’d love to see some comments begin to pour in as that will help us grow our community!

We’re looking for more people who’d like to post here at the Lewis Lit Journal blog! I can’t do it all by myself and we want the blog to be flourishing with content. The only way to accomplish this is to get more of you involved. In addition, I’d like to have a diverse group of feelings, ideas, opinions, and perspectives represented here.

If you’re interested in being a contributing blogger to the Lewis Lit Journal blog, please send an email to lewislitjournal [at] gmail [dot] com and let us know! We’re looking for folks who are dedicated and will remain consistent when producing content for the blog. In your email, please include a short bio/intro about yourself, and the following:

  • Any previous experience with blogging (where was it done? Even if you’ve blogged on a personal level, that will count as experience)
  • How many days you would be willing to blog each week (I’m already planning on updating the blog each day of the week, so I need your help to keep up that pace)
  • Ideas you have for featured posts, posts that could become a regular feature such as “Prompt Wednesdays” or “Pick-a-Poem”
  • Why you feel you’d be an addition to the Lewis Lit Blog
  • What you would be interested in blogging about here, whether it be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, artwork, or another type of medium such as film, music, or even podcasts.

Just send us an email anytime before Monday, October 11th and you’ll be considered as a guest poster here at the blog.

Reminder: The contest for the title of the Lewis Literary Journal is still being held. The deadline for submitted ideas is October 11th, so please keep sending us suggestions at lewislitjournal [at] gmail [dot] com!

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