A Journal That You Might Like: #1

Source image: http://ameritagebistro.com

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So, the feature for Fridays that we’re going to be posting is basically a journal recommendation. If you’re new to the idea of online literary journals or just literary journals in general, you might find these Friday posts helpful. We hope that you’ll check these recommended journals out and one day begin recommending journals of your own.

For now, we’re simply going to scroll through the list of literary journals sitting in our sidebar. In the future, we’ll be branching out and letting you know about journals in every corner of the web and every corner of the globe.

Today’s recommended journal is Arsenic Lobster! Not only does it have a very catchy and clever title, Arsenic Lobster is creative and clever all throughout the work they produce and the information on their easily navigated site. One thing that I really love about Arsenic Lobster is that their name is not merely symbolic or weird for the sake of weirdness, they actually have a picture of a lobster on their front page! Arsenic Lobster was one of my favorite journals as I was researching for The Honeycomb Review (tentative name, just a reminder: you can still send title suggestions to lewislitblog [at] gmail [dot] com). We encourage you to check out Arsenic Lobster, browse their site, and read what they publish. There’s some great stuff over there.

Stay tuned for the weekend feature, Editor’s Notes, and much more!

— Honeycomb Editor, Mary Egan

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